My child, This

My child, This Kvitko LEML AND MOUSE Comes in like the mother from work, She Leml towards Oh Oh Oh, No you know, Mama, anything you!

Mother frightened What's wrong with you?

Got a mouse in a saucepan with soup And floats.

My child, This time you were not foolish, Caught and threw her?

No, guiltily Leml sighed, I have to use the mouse a cat stuffed!


Kvitko, trans.


Blagininoy Note the time of formation of the following characteristics Cove and skills user independently eat with a spoon which hand; user drink of that Cup; user buttons undo the buttons Velcro, button; user removes wears socks, lace shoes, save shows the bow; user washes and dries hands with a towel, her hair, brushing his teeth; user undresses dressed, distinguishes between upper and lower the Nuits clothes, person, inside out, before, ass; user eats with a fork, cutting bread with a knife.

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