The first

The first The reasons of insufficient receiving milk by the child can be divided on some groups.


The factors connected with feeding by a breast the delay began feedings with a breast.

The first applying to a breast has to to occur no later than minutes after the delivery; rare feedings of the child feeding on hours.

Optimum mode feedings within the first month of life times per day, on to the requirement of the child; lack of night feeding; violation of technology of applying to a breast; use for feeding of a small bottle or baby's dummy that brings to to formation of the wrong stereotype of a sosaniye, and also promotes to decrease in need of the child for a sosaniye; introduction of additional food or liquid.

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In the beginning

In the beginning He has to learn a form of a figure and is attentive to it to look narrowly.

In the beginning children made many mistakes, e.


, tried to enclose a triangle in a trapetsoa nest yes, rectangle, etc.

Or, having taken a rectangle and having guessed where it it is necessary deposits to vat, they put it the short party across the long party of a nest, and only after the whole a number of attempts they managed to enclose it correctly.

After three four lessons the child learns geometrical figures with extraordinary ease also places tabs in places with confidently Stew, even with some negligence, as if neglecting too easy occupation.

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Pregnant women


Pregnant women should not change sharply the food habits if among these addictions there was no habit to to alcohol, exceptions of food of animal protein, and also other violations balanced diet.

Second council.

The menu of pregnant women has to include all main types products milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, fish, bird, eggs, bread, macaroni and grain, vegetables, berries, fruit, juice.

A combination of products in various quantities can provide future mother and a fruit necessary nutrients.

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Contain It is to genetically identical fabrics the child owing to what does not cause an early meeting with allergens still not created children's organism.

Contain in breast milk biologically active agents, hormones, enzymes, all types of vitamins, micro and macrocells, balanced on qualitative and to quantitative structure, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, factors of immune protection antibodies.

All this provides the correct, harmonious development of the children's organism, repeatedly reduces risk of development of allergic reactions and various diseases of the virus and bacterial nature.

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Again to bring

Again to bring To put the cut and to bring white vegetables parsley, a leek, onions, salt to boiling then to remove scales to lower fire, to cook about an hour until fish boils down at all.

Then to remove from fire and to filter through a damp napkin.

Again to bring to boiling, to put the cut potatoes and to cook under a cover of minutes.

In the ready fish soup before giving can be added a little boiling milk, to strew with greens fennel and parsley.

Fish soup Pike perch g, water ml, white korenye g, carrots g, onions g, potatoes g, a swede or turnip g, tomato g, grain h.

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