For subcutaneous

For subcutaneous Usually children under the age of .

years injected vaccine intramuscularly in the thigh, more senior in the shoulder.

For subcutaneous use of vaccines Chuck region, the shoulder, the side of the hip.

Intradermal vaccine entered in the shoulder or forearm; after vaccination nurse shall to write the inoculation held in the medical documentation for this she logs on vaccination in the card of the child and the journal of vaccination.

On each the baby along with the card in pediatric clinic should be instituted grafting passport wherever carefully contains all the information about vaccinations; to inform the child's parents or himself, if this adult the child possible reactions to the vaccine and aid for them, the need to the necessity of seeking care at the development of a strong or unusual reactions; to carry out monitoring of vaccinated immediately after the introduction of pre drugs for at least minutes !

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From half

From half Was it fun fun!

Ask your child to suggest who else from fruits can to call.

Each guest consider together and try the taste.

Game develops speech, imagination, and picks up petite.

From half to two years that's what fingers!

And where is our fingertips?

It is time to play!

After all, they must be nimble and flexible.

Drive index finger on the palm of your hand baby, saying Forty, forty!

Where was that?


The stove was heated, PAP was boiled.

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This exercise, being

This exercise, being Then, nearly drama tone, here is how in the sea from the land the bell reaches, I, precisely losing feelings, I whisper Now and I hear a wall clock.

Now I hear flight of a fly and midges.

Children with delight observe so absolute, so complete silence that the room seems the deserted; at last, I say in a whisper Let's close eyes.

This exercise, being repeated, so accustoms children to an immovability and to the absolute to silence that if who will break it, there is enough one sound, one look, that immediately to call it to order.

In such silence we start making various noise and sounds, in the beginning strongly office stiruyushchy, and then more and more similar.

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Now many

Now many Children are weighed surely before feeding and the amount of milk lacking to norm is given from a small bottle donor milk or the adapted mixes since rd day of life.

Now many a neonatology the doctors dealing with problems children since prenatal life and finishing first month extra uterine life doubt need and, in general, usefulness dopaivaniye of the fullterm newborns as it conducts to less active sosaniya also does not stimulate a lactation.

Finally this issue is not resolved, it is necessary to consider climatic features, dynamics of a gain of weight the child's bodies, his state, availability of milk in mother's breast after feeding.

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If you called

If you called Select the first ones, whose names are on chinautla with sound S.

Put them in a pile.

Clearly, highlighting voice sound, tell everyone the object in times.

If you called the picture correctly, set it aside.

Pictures, named errors, again put in a pile and pronounce the words clearly and loudly times.

Then do the same thing with pictures of Annex , the names of which sound heard in the middle and end of a word.

Consolidation pronunciation With sound in repeating the words.

The development of a sense of rhyme To answer the question of adult rhyming word.

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