Demoralize And the child, and an adult will be easier to control the correct the job.

Securing the pronunciation of sound in the beginning and in the middle of words.

The formation of skills of a sound analysis Take from Annex schemes, indicating the position of the sound in the word.

Demoralize all pictures of Annexes and speak the words, highlighting the sound .

Then put each the picture under a corresponding scheme and explain your choice.

Securing the pronunciation of sound in the chain of words.

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Such cases, when

Such cases, whene.

from its positive or negative emotional background.

Such cases, when in a family meet or the immediate environment of the pregnant woman or the lactating woman it is observed the extremely negative attitude towards her, her child or the natural chest to feeding as to the fact in general, and it can serve as the starting mechanism in decrease in volume of the developed milk, up to complete cessation lactations.

In order to avoid similar cases it is necessary to explain to the next to environment of the pregnant woman or the feeding woman about need to create it the most favorable situation.

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Explain that

Explain that Let pupsiki and Severus Ki included in the garage, get in the car, and off.

Mo may all go to the country.

Back SNO VA put the cars in the garage.

Game develops fine motor skills, imagination, memory.

Easy heavy Blow up a balloon and show the child how he flies.

Explain that the ball bounces from light blow hand because it is light, In other marble, pour the water.

Now it heavy and cannot fly.

It's hard to throw.

The game expands the horizons provides a glimpse at natech light and heavy.

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Or prisuzh

Or prisuzh Remind the child of a task and periodically check it each two steps, then everyone three etc.

Remind the child of the beginning, he will report about the performed task to you.

Modificationadjustment .

If necessary add an award for performance of a task in time or at the minimum quantity of reminders.

Or prisuzh give to the child point for each step executed with the minimum quantity of reminders discuss this minimum.

Put the timer or let it will be put by the child at the beginning each step also give to the child a task to execute everything before the call will ring out.

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