The child

The child Cards with geometrical forms we give after the child in perfection a naa chitsya to learn the same figures in wooden tabs.

These cards give concept about the abstract signs of which the letter consists.

The child learns to learn a flat form, and as all the previous exercises develop the slender and reasonable personality, they can consider to vatsya, as the bridge on which it passes from exercise of feelings to the letter and from preparation to to introduction to teaching.

Fourth degree Exercises in ordinary everyday occupations.

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To represent

To represent To come up and tell stories about buttonholes the men in the match town.


Look at BLOB made by an adult a bit of mascara is poured on a sheet of paper, and then he folded.

To invent and describe that magic su society has turned out, where it inhabits, what can be done, where have you met him that case you together?

TURNING A close look at pictures of animals and imagine that you became od but one of them.

To represent by means of expressive movements of every animal in turn.

To explain what types of features you're trying to convey gestures.

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Then she asks

Then she asks At first it is necessary to check, whether the name of a subject in mind of the child is associated with subject.

The teacher has to allow to pass in silence to a necessary period between a lesson and check.

Then she asks the child, saying slowly and distinctly noun or adjective in which she was engaged What is smooth?

What is rough?


If the child points a finger at the demanded subject, the teacher is convinced that it acquired desirable association.

But, if he does not make it, i.


if he is mistaken, it should not to correct it, and has to postpone a lesson and renew it the next day.

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For forcemeat

For forcemeat a spoon, butter h.


For forcemeat rice h.

spoons, green onions g, egg pieces, oil h.


To beat egg white in strong foam and to mix with the yolk pounded with milk and a flour.

To pour out weight on the frying pan oiled and to bake in an oven.

To take out, overturn on a flat plate.

From above on an omelet to put forcemeat from rice, extinguished with green onions and mixed with chopped eggs to curtail tubule.

Egg roll can be prepared with forcemeat from cabbage and carrots.

Egg jelly Lemon piece, egg piece, sugar tablespoons, water glass, gelatin h.

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Those who he called, he will

Those who he called, he will Bug thought, and agreed to Well, let us flee, only to judge us will be a Parrot.

Those who he called, he will be the winner!

Monkey was to choose a place for competition, and the Parrot beside bodies to the Turtle are You crazy?

Why did you agree?

After all you will not be able to overtake a Monkey!

If we agree with you, said the Turtle, we will be able to teach boastful Monkey.

Parrot leaned over to Turtle, and they are about something has saxatilis.

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