Various vegetables

Various vegetables .

Ability to occlude and bring the bilious acids BA out of an organism and cholesterol.

The products enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, PV and microcells Gold Sphere drink; the bread and long loafs prepared with addition of wheat bran; doctor's rolls, small loafs.

Various vegetables and fruit are rich with food fibers.

Vegetables and fruit with high content of cellulose , g on g of a product Vegetables vegetable marrows; cabbage; pumpkin; potatoes; carrots; green peas; pepper; sorrel.

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The girl

The girl At last before going to bed Carmen tells mother about the back the scientific research institute also admits that she actually does not want to do it.

Mother knows by experience that such situations can lead to bellyaches and violation dream holes at the girl.

She suggests to think that Carmen can make instead.

The girl perfectly plays a piano and recently studied many festive songs.

Therefore mother advises it to stay that feather all festive evening.

Carmen is pleasant this idea.

She knows that, having trained, she will precisely make everything well.

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It is with

It is with Corn significant influence on the nature of the chair does not have.

If you select the first complementary to this parameter should pay attention.

Depending on what more inclined your Rebbe NOC to constipation or liquid stools, choose the appropriate relevant quarters.

What cereal to enter first?

As already mentioned, the most useful, Legos vaemymi are rice, buckwheat and corn porridge.

It is with them and to start feeding.

Wheat and barley grains in the first months in a child's diet should not be entered.

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You can knock

You can knock How are we to call them?

asked Lisa.

You can knock nuts I offer.

This knock to eat down protein and takes the delicacy of Whether zinych hands.

Look how funny she twists it in his paws, whispers granddaughter.

Probably, checks to see whether a he suggests Kirill.

Why eateth not, and hides?

surprised Lisa.

Preparing stocks for the winter, proteins are very reasonable and the mother nye beings.

Now she'll come back for the next batch.

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The method

The method Acts i.


the mechanisms participating in process of the letter.

It will be psychophysiological studying of the letter; it is necessary to study not the letter, and the writing individual the subject, but not object.

Before began with object, from studying of the letter, and such way built a method.

The method going from studying of the individual it will be unconditional original it will strongly differ from former methods.

He, really, will note a new era in the letter, having anthropology in the basis.

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