E. with , months; in months

E. with , months; in monthse.

with , months; in months cottage cheese is entered; about , months a yolk; since months meat; fish joins in a diet from months time a week, instead of meat.

Mix scoping For scoping of mixes the substitutes of women's milk given the child who is on artificial feeding can use by three main methods volume method; a method of scoping of food across Shkarin; a highcalorie method according to which it is necessary to consider energy needs of the child per day from the first days to months kcalkg of body weight; the th month kcalkg of body weight.

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They begin

They begin Practical value of these exercises becomes obvious when we start measuring children the antropometry.

They begin to carry out between itself comparisons, speaking I am higher, you are more fat.

The same comparisons become, when children stretch hands to show that they pure, and the head mistress extends the, to show that at it pure.

Quite often contrast between the size of those and these hands causes at children laughter.

Very much amuses children to be measured.

They become a row, inspect each other, think.

Often they become near adults and with a great interest note a huge difference in growth.

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Psychologists Only the one who experimented, can to tell how the harvest from crops of this sort will be great.

Psychologists Peg Dawson and Richard Guar work more than years with children.

They vyyas Neelie that to some clever and capable children for successful study and frictionless communication is not enough certain organizational skills for example, abilities to be collected to achieve the objectives, to plan the time or to control emotions.

In this to the book authors generalize the practical experience and offer stepbystep instructions by definition and formation of those skills which is not enough for your child.

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Intolerance At preschool age defeat by pinworms is possible, lyambliya and other intestinal parasites.

Blood change.

Tendency to an anemization, a leykopeniye, at preschool age increase in SOE.

Diagnosis of food allergy is helped by maintaining the food diary.

Table .

Version of the food diary of the patient with an allergy Not all symptoms can be caused by food allergy.

Intolerance products for which there are proofs of the allergic mechanism, is food allergy.

FALSE ALLERGY Very often the false allergy which imitates the immunological meets reaction of an organism.

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On the buffet

On the buffet Pick different words with sound S.

Speak each resulting proposal, highlighting the sound S.

EU whether will be able to name an object that is not on the picture, you get a prize!

Sonia is.

braid, beads, Klondike, dog sled.

The female sits.

Jay, owl, wasp, Nightingale, sable.

The garden is.

pine, bench, Sonia, dog, plum.

On the buffet much.

napkins, dishes, salads, bowls, sausages.

In the bag Sonia.

ka Busta, pineapple, compass, tray, socks.

Alice buys.

juice, ficus, sausage, Yas, pineapple.

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