Remind the child

Remind the child Remind the child of a task and control all process, do not stint a praise, support and positive responses.

Remind the child of a task, make sure that he started to the next step, and then depart and come back only by the beginning of the following.

Remind the child of a task and periodically check it each two steps, then everyone three etc.

Remind the child of the beginning, he will report about the performed task to you.

Modificationadjustment .

If necessary increase encouragement.

It can be award or occupation after completion of work or award points for each done step and a choice of an award from the possible options.

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Their evidence

Their evidence On the face of the child, and later and on my feet, back arise swelling.

This is the most more early and often a sign of glomerular Rita.

Their evidence in children is different moderate swelling on the face to spread United swelling all over my body .

In infants they are often located on the lower back and rump.

Subsequently becomes noticeable paleness baby, you receive a dull aching pain in the waist nice.

And this pain is bilateral.

Urine becomes red , brown and even black and brown sweep and acute respiratory viral infections ARI When you need emergency medical care If you notice at least one of these certain symptoms, immediately call a doctor.

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When we speak

When we speak In an ideal you take basic data, that is estimate current move scientific research institute, and as the first purpose choose little change in the best party.

For example, if usually the daughter needs – reminders, to sit down at homework, the reasonable first purpose can become the beginning of work after – reminders.

When we speak to estimate the current behavior, we is valid we mean an assessment.

In the example given above we mean calculation of number of cases when a certain model meets move niya.

Here other examples of an assessment What is the time passes from the moment when the child speaks, that that that will make, till the moment when it actually starts to work for example, Sara agreed to sit down at the house work every evening at o'clock.

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Expedient We have to respect these first manifestations of the personality is religious, reverentially.

Expedient will be only such educational method which will promote to full manifestation of life.

And for this purpose it is necessary to try not to detain the spontaneous movements but not to impose any tasks.

Certainly, we do not mean bespolez here ny or harmful acts which should be destroyed, suppressed.

Assimilation of it method by the teachers who are not trained for scientific supervision it is reached only in the way diligent theoretical and practical training; especially it is necessary for those who got used to old, despotic receptions of ordinary school.

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PART III. We CONNECT within – minutes High school – y classes Can perform homeworks within – minutes sometimes demand sya one or several breaks Can quietly maintain family actions, without complaining of boredom and without arranging trouble Can perform housework which borrows till two o'clock sometimes breaks are required Dawson P.

, Guar R.

Your child can do everything.


We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER We strengthen steady attention in everyday life .

Provide control.

Children can work more long, if someone with SI dit with them, encourages or reminds that it is necessary to finish a task.

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