To form cutlets

To form cutlets When giving on a table to water sour cream and to strew with greens.

To separate g of veal from bones and films, to pass twice via the meat grinder together with slices of the dry roll wetted in water.

To knead forcemeat, to salt.

To form cutlets in which middle to put a butter slice, to fry in the heated oil, to readiness to finish in an oven.

Veal cutlets have to be very welldone.

Ragout from veal It is good to wash, dry g of veal on a towel, to cut the small slices to salt, roll in in a flour or small pounded crackers, to fry in vegetable oil to a ruddy crust.

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For example

For example Such a situation is unacceptable!

In the book to such texts are offered no more complex, often incorrectly pronounced by a child sounds.

For example We bought a sticky clay.

The lion and the young lion sculpts Lina.

Sculpts deer Olya, And peacock sculpts Roofing.

This text is free from all sounds, following mainly row for sound EH.

INR Galernaya practice confirms that, by reciting such texts, baby easier the key detecives on the generated sound, the faster it develops, shall be exempt from additional sory difficulties, not reinforces other, distorted spoken sounds, etc.

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The technique

The technique Apply the SW control tion ozocerite and paraffin, long and chronic disease, the recommended by recommendations of the attending physician.

The technique of imposition of ozokerite applications .

Heat the wax in a pan with water the bath to a temperature of about C, continuous but stirring with a wooden spatula until pre reduction of foaming.

To overlay method of gauze napkins prepare two napkins from layers Mar whether or fine knitwear on the size of the plot the alleged overlay applications.

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After clarification

After clarification Eraser.

THE SEVENTH STAGE CONSOLIDATION AUDIO L IN STORIES Consolidation pronunciation audio L in stories Clearly, highlighting the sound L, repeat first, each proposal for adults, and then the whole story entirely.

After clarification of the meaning of the text spell all the words with sound L.

GOOD ZLATA Zlata was sitting on a bench and ate bread with ham.

Went to the homeless Zlata the dog.

She looked at the sausage, then to the Golden and whined softly.

In the eyes with tanks could see that she has not eaten.

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Chapter . Ten principles

Chapter . Ten principles It mo zht to demand from you some practice and good it is observation st, but you surely learn.

Chapter .

Ten principles of work on development of organizational skills of the child .

Continue to support and direct the child to those or will reach a time until it seizes skill in perfection mustache p e x and.

We know parents who are able to break tasks into stages, to train in skills and to motivate to success, but all the same cannot at to twist to children desirable skills.

Most often matter in an inattention to it and or to the following principle.

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