My child, This

My child, This Kvitko LEML AND MOUSE Comes in like the mother from work, She Leml towards Oh Oh Oh, No you know, Mama, anything you!

Mother frightened What's wrong with you?

Got a mouse in a saucepan with soup And floats.

My child, This time you were not foolish, Caught and threw her?

No, guiltily Leml sighed, I have to use the mouse a cat stuffed!


Kvitko, trans.


Blagininoy Note the time of formation of the following characteristics Cove and skills user independently eat with a spoon which hand; user drink of that Cup; user buttons undo the buttons Velcro, button; user removes wears socks, lace shoes, save shows the bow; user washes and dries hands with a towel, her hair, brushing his teeth; user undresses dressed, distinguishes between upper and lower the Nuits clothes, person, inside out, before, ass; user eats with a fork, cutting bread with a knife.

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Drink from

Drink from To make in a teapot of h.

spoons of dry raspberry on glass of boiled water to give to be insisted, filter and sweeten with sugar.

Drink from a dogrose with a lemon Dogrose tablespoons, sugar tablespoons, lemon juice tablespoon, water glasses.

Dogrose to wash, crush, cook minutes, to insist within hours.

To add lemon juice, glasses of water, to bring to boiling.

To put sugar and to boil.

To connect ready syrup to dogrose infusion.

Cream cottage cheese with strawberry Cottage cheese g, sugar tablespoons, strawberry glass, vanillin h.

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But even if he knows, that

But even if he knows, that But even if he knows, that wrote the previous work in two hours, this time he is sure that all the same the maximum will keep within an hour because understands about what wants to write, and already thought up the approximate plan.

After the next dispute in which parents gave a great lot argumen the t confirming that the son cannot estimate time, and Nathan directly declared to them Do not climb in my affairs!

parents decided that it is necessary to look for other solution of a problem.

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It is proved

It is proved Therefore there is the question of interchangeability of vaccines.

It is proved that interchangeably vaccines against diphtheria; tetanus; whooping cough; live and inactivated polio vaccine; various vaccines against hepati tov a and b; the rabies vaccine, administered intramuscularly.

Reintroduction live vaccines do not require the mandatory use of the same drug.

This applies and to influenza vaccinate RESPONSIBLE FOR VACCINATIONS Legal responsibility for organization of vaccination shall be the head of the medical profilactics whom the institution of the children's polyclinic, i.

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It is possible

It is possible Here some exercises checked by time, but from them there will be no advantage in the period of the peak of pain.

At first make everything, to calm the child then inclinations will go to him to the benefit.


Clasp from below calves of both feet of the child and press his feet to a stomach.

It is possible to alternate these movements to exercise Bicycle.


This best means allowing to remove stress at children, which like to curve a back and badly relax in other pose.

Press to to itself the child so that his back rested to you against a breast, and he was bent sitting position.

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