Mama said

Mama said It is important that the child is an impression that he is involved in some adult business!

Mom leaves, Hurry to the store Lamela, you Left alone.

Mama said I uslugi Wash plates, Sister lay.

Wood prick Don't forget, my son, Catch cock Locked in the castle.

Sister, plates, Cock and firewood.

The only One lemele the head!

He grabbed his sister And locked in a shed.

He said to his sister Here you go!

The firewood he diligently Washed with boiling water, Four plates Smashed with a hammer.


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Simply on hands

Simply on hands Authors of the separate development also assume that emergence of gripes in the child is connected with autosuggestion of their mother.

Some are adjusted on that at their child there will be gripes, and is frequent them and receive.

According to some information, mood of mother influences how she looks after the child rather, but is not the prime cause gripes.

Simply on hands at nervous mother the child feels uncomfortably.

If excitement of parents caused in children of colic, then most it is lawful to assume that firstborns have to have them, and it not so.

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Then remove

Then remove Tightly sabinaite or fix sarfari .

Small children holding a compress hours, senior hours.

Then remove the two inner layer and leave the only upperinsulated layer of another hours.


If the compress imposed correctly , its internal the coat is still wet .

When loosely tax leaders introduce compress, and when compress paper and wool does not fully cover the moist layer of the compress sa, there is an intensive evaporation, and instead of to warm compress cools the body.

Compresses on the ear For a warm compress on the area of the ear in the inner and middle layer compress you cut a hole in the form of an ellipse for ear RA shells are.

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This didactic

This didactic We apply didactic material to education of chromatic feeling, on which I stopped after a number of experiences with children normal at institute for backward children I, as it is already told, used tabs.

This didactic material consists of the small the cards plates or plates wound by color wool or silk.

These plates have at the edges wooden brusochka which do not allow the card wound by silk to concern table.

The child can take cards by these wooden edges, without soiling gentle flowers with hands, that gives us the chance long to use material, and it it is not necessary often vozobn lyat.

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For compress

For compress The end of the tube spray spray install as deeply as possible into the oral cavity with so that the drops fell like on the back of the throat and not accumulated between language and gubami PART I.


If the enlarged cervical lymph the nodes on the neck apply warming compresses or dry heat.

For compress use was the solution alcohol in half with water.

For children under years of alcohol dilute with water in times.

Compress put for hours times a day.

PREPARATION COMPRESS Poultice made of four layers of gauze , soft cloth or bandage, each layer should be square greater than the previous one.

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