All these

All these Task we learn, with what number of sticks it is possible to play this game?

It is possible to take and ; or and ; for example In this point we are come to the rescue by cubes from game on storing of numbers From this scheme at once it is visible, what numbers share on two all for what below is not available lonely cube.

All these even or pair numbers because they can be spread out in couples on two; to divide them into two it is easy it is only necessary to separate two rows of the cubes costing one under another.

Having counted cubes of each row, we will receive private and again to make the initial number, it is necessary to collect two rows only again x =.

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He understood

He understood, Cory could to increase the efficiency.

He understood that when receives from others council to be more attentive or accurater, it should adhere the plan for performance of a task or work.

Step .

Establishment of the behavioural purposes Target organizational skill metaknowledge Specific behavioural goal performing separate tasks, Cory will be oyets to nivat the efficiency according to the standard developed directly for this task and to try to correspond to it Step .

Change of an environment What subjects people will help to achieve the objectives?

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Show it the scenario

Show it the scenario When the child learns to use words, answer him, under tverzhdy its feelings for example I see that you are upset.

Has to to be, you are dissatisfied that could not play with the friend.

Similar statements will show it that you understand it also to a sochuvstvo etet to it.

In advance explain to the child that happens when there is that that the unpleasant.

Show it the scenario of how it is possible to consult with a situation.

You can tell When you will want to cry, you you can tell I become angry, To me is sad, I need the help or I need a break.

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By means of the questionnaire

By means of the questionnaire It will help to prepare them for school and to participation in outofschool actions.

By means of the questionnaire given below you will be able to estimate, where your child can stumble, independently carrying out sootvt stvuyushchy to its age of a task.

Remember questionnaires from chapter and about trust, how precisely you estimated ability of your child ispol to zovat this skill.

Chapter .

Beginning of performance of a task How successfully your child copes with that, to get to work?

By means of a scale estimate, how successfully your child carries out everyone from the listed tasks.

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Contraindications exacerbation of chronic diseases of the heart, lay down lungs, kidneys, liver.

Contraindications side of the child low assessment of the status of the newborn by the Cabinet Les Apgar below points; Apgar special scale that allows assessment thread status of the newborn child on a number of parameters pulse, breathing, color to MS etc.

If the evaluation on Apgar low, so the child suffered a hard Rodi and needs for relics from the doctor.

Then maybe he Boo det ready to take the breast.

Normal indicators on Apgar maximum of points.

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