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The first

The reasons of insufficient receiving milk by the child can be divided on some groups..The factors connected with feeding by a breast the delay began feedings with a breast.The first applying to a breast has to to occur no later than minutes after the delivery; rare feedings of the child feeding on hours.Optimum mode feedings within the first month of life times per day, on to the requirement of the child; lack of night feeding; violation of technology of applying to a breast; use for feeding of a small bottle or baby's dummy that brings to to formation of the wrong stereotype of a sosaniye, and also promotes to decrease in need of the child for a sosaniye; introduction of additional food or liquid.

In the beginning

He has to learn a form of a figure and is attentive to it to look narrowly.In the beginning children made many mistakes, e.g., tried to enclose a triangle in a trapetsoa nest yes, rectangle, etc.Or, having taken a rectangle and having guessed where it it is necessary deposits to vat, they put it the short party across the long party of a nest, and only after the whole a number of attempts they managed to enclose it correctly.After three four lessons the child learns geometrical figures with extraordinary ease also places tabs in places with confidently Stew, even with some negligence, as if neglecting too easy occupation.

Pregnant women

CHOICE OF PRODUCTS FOR HEALTHY FOOD OF MOTHER AND CHILD First and main council.Pregnant women should not change sharply the food habits if among these addictions there was no habit to to alcohol, exceptions of food of animal protein, and also other violations balanced diet.Second council.The menu of pregnant women has to include all main types products milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, fish, bird, eggs, bread, macaroni and grain, vegetables, berries, fruit, juice.A combination of products in various quantities can provide future mother and a fruit necessary nutrients.


It is to genetically identical fabrics the child owing to what does not cause an early meeting with allergens still not created children's organism.Contain in breast milk biologically active agents, hormones, enzymes, all types of vitamins, micro and macrocells, balanced on qualitative and to quantitative structure, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, factors of immune protection antibodies.All this provides the correct, harmonious development of the children's organism, repeatedly reduces risk of development of allergic reactions and various diseases of the virus and bacterial nature.

Again to bring

To put the cut and to bring white vegetables parsley, a leek, onions, salt to boiling then to remove scales to lower fire, to cook about an hour until fish boils down at all.Then to remove from fire and to filter through a damp napkin.Again to bring to boiling, to put the cut potatoes and to cook under a cover of minutes.In the ready fish soup before giving can be added a little boiling milk, to strew with greens fennel and parsley.Fish soup Pike perch g, water ml, white korenye g, carrots g, onions g, potatoes g, a swede or turnip g, tomato g, grain h.

For subcutaneous

Usually children under the age of .years injected vaccine intramuscularly in the thigh, more senior in the shoulder.For subcutaneous use of vaccines Chuck region, the shoulder, the side of the hip.Intradermal vaccine entered in the shoulder or forearm; after vaccination nurse shall to write the inoculation held in the medical documentation for this she logs on vaccination in the card of the child and the journal of vaccination.On each the baby along with the card in pediatric clinic should be instituted grafting passport wherever carefully contains all the information about vaccinations; to inform the child's parents or himself, if this adult the child possible reactions to the vaccine and aid for them, the need to the necessity of seeking care at the development of a strong or unusual reactions; to carry out monitoring of vaccinated immediately after the introduction of pre drugs for at least minutes !

From half

Was it fun fun!Ask your child to suggest who else from fruits can to call.Each guest consider together and try the taste.Game develops speech, imagination, and picks up petite.From half to two years that's what fingers!And where is our fingertips?It is time to play!After all, they must be nimble and flexible.Drive index finger on the palm of your hand baby, saying Forty, forty!Where was that?Far!The stove was heated, PAP was boiled.

This exercise, being

Then, nearly drama tone, here is how in the sea from the land the bell reaches, I, precisely losing feelings, I whisper Now and I hear a wall clock.Now I hear flight of a fly and midges.Children with delight observe so absolute, so complete silence that the room seems the deserted; at last, I say in a whisper Let's close eyes.This exercise, being repeated, so accustoms children to an immovability and to the absolute to silence that if who will break it, there is enough one sound, one look, that immediately to call it to order.In such silence we start making various noise and sounds, in the beginning strongly office stiruyushchy, and then more and more similar.

Now many

Children are weighed surely before feeding and the amount of milk lacking to norm is given from a small bottle donor milk or the adapted mixes since rd day of life.Now many a neonatology the doctors dealing with problems children since prenatal life and finishing first month extra uterine life doubt need and, in general, usefulness dopaivaniye of the fullterm newborns as it conducts to less active sosaniya also does not stimulate a lactation.Finally this issue is not resolved, it is necessary to consider climatic features, dynamics of a gain of weight the child's bodies, his state, availability of milk in mother's breast after feeding.

If you called

Select the first ones, whose names are on chinautla with sound S.Put them in a pile.Clearly, highlighting voice sound, tell everyone the object in times.If you called the picture correctly, set it aside.Pictures, named errors, again put in a pile and pronounce the words clearly and loudly times.Then do the same thing with pictures of Annex , the names of which sound heard in the middle and end of a word.Consolidation pronunciation With sound in repeating the words.The development of a sense of rhyme To answer the question of adult rhyming word.

The child

Cards with geometrical forms we give after the child in perfection a naa chitsya to learn the same figures in wooden tabs.These cards give concept about the abstract signs of which the letter consists.The child learns to learn a flat form, and as all the previous exercises develop the slender and reasonable personality, they can consider to vatsya, as the bridge on which it passes from exercise of feelings to the letter and from preparation to to introduction to teaching.Fourth degree Exercises in ordinary everyday occupations.

To represent

To come up and tell stories about buttonholes the men in the match town.NOT SO BLOB!Look at BLOB made by an adult a bit of mascara is poured on a sheet of paper, and then he folded.To invent and describe that magic su society has turned out, where it inhabits, what can be done, where have you met him that case you together?TURNING A close look at pictures of animals and imagine that you became od but one of them.To represent by means of expressive movements of every animal in turn.To explain what types of features you're trying to convey gestures.

Then she asks

At first it is necessary to check, whether the name of a subject in mind of the child is associated with subject.The teacher has to allow to pass in silence to a necessary period between a lesson and check.Then she asks the child, saying slowly and distinctly noun or adjective in which she was engaged What is smooth?What is rough?.If the child points a finger at the demanded subject, the teacher is convinced that it acquired desirable association.But, if he does not make it, i.e.if he is mistaken, it should not to correct it, and has to postpone a lesson and renew it the next day.

For forcemeat

a spoon, butter h.spoons.For forcemeat rice h.spoons, green onions g, egg pieces, oil h.spoons.To beat egg white in strong foam and to mix with the yolk pounded with milk and a flour.To pour out weight on the frying pan oiled and to bake in an oven.To take out, overturn on a flat plate.From above on an omelet to put forcemeat from rice, extinguished with green onions and mixed with chopped eggs to curtail tubule.Egg roll can be prepared with forcemeat from cabbage and carrots.Egg jelly Lemon piece, egg piece, sugar tablespoons, water glass, gelatin h.

Those who he called, he will

Bug thought, and agreed to Well, let us flee, only to judge us will be a Parrot.Those who he called, he will be the winner!Monkey was to choose a place for competition, and the Parrot beside bodies to the Turtle are You crazy?Why did you agree?After all you will not be able to overtake a Monkey!If we agree with you, said the Turtle, we will be able to teach boastful Monkey.Parrot leaned over to Turtle, and they are about something has saxatilis.

Various vegetables

.Ability to occlude and bring the bilious acids BA out of an organism and cholesterol.The products enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, PV and microcells Gold Sphere drink; the bread and long loafs prepared with addition of wheat bran; doctor's rolls, small loafs.Various vegetables and fruit are rich with food fibers.Vegetables and fruit with high content of cellulose , g on g of a product Vegetables vegetable marrows; cabbage; pumpkin; potatoes; carrots; green peas; pepper; sorrel.

The girl

At last before going to bed Carmen tells mother about the back the scientific research institute also admits that she actually does not want to do it.Mother knows by experience that such situations can lead to bellyaches and violation dream holes at the girl.She suggests to think that Carmen can make instead.The girl perfectly plays a piano and recently studied many festive songs.Therefore mother advises it to stay that feather all festive evening.Carmen is pleasant this idea.She knows that, having trained, she will precisely make everything well.

It is with

Corn significant influence on the nature of the chair does not have.If you select the first complementary to this parameter should pay attention.Depending on what more inclined your Rebbe NOC to constipation or liquid stools, choose the appropriate relevant quarters.What cereal to enter first?As already mentioned, the most useful, Legos vaemymi are rice, buckwheat and corn porridge.It is with them and to start feeding.Wheat and barley grains in the first months in a child's diet should not be entered.

You can knock

How are we to call them?asked Lisa.You can knock nuts I offer.This knock to eat down protein and takes the delicacy of Whether zinych hands.Look how funny she twists it in his paws, whispers granddaughter.Probably, checks to see whether a he suggests Kirill.Why eateth not, and hides?surprised Lisa.Preparing stocks for the winter, proteins are very reasonable and the mother nye beings.Now she'll come back for the next batch.

The method

Acts i.e.the mechanisms participating in process of the letter.It will be psychophysiological studying of the letter; it is necessary to study not the letter, and the writing individual the subject, but not object.Before began with object, from studying of the letter, and such way built a method.The method going from studying of the individual it will be unconditional original it will strongly differ from former methods.He, really, will note a new era in the letter, having anthropology in the basis.

E. with , months; in months

They begin

Practical value of these exercises becomes obvious when we start measuring children the antropometry.They begin to carry out between itself comparisons, speaking I am higher, you are more fat.The same comparisons become, when children stretch hands to show that they pure, and the head mistress extends the, to show that at it pure.Quite often contrast between the size of those and these hands causes at children laughter.Very much amuses children to be measured.They become a row, inspect each other, think.Often they become near adults and with a great interest note a huge difference in growth.


Only the one who experimented, can to tell how the harvest from crops of this sort will be great.Psychologists Peg Dawson and Richard Guar work more than years with children.They vyyas Neelie that to some clever and capable children for successful study and frictionless communication is not enough certain organizational skills for example, abilities to be collected to achieve the objectives, to plan the time or to control emotions.In this to the book authors generalize the practical experience and offer stepbystep instructions by definition and formation of those skills which is not enough for your child.


At preschool age defeat by pinworms is possible, lyambliya and other intestinal parasites.Blood change.Tendency to an anemization, a leykopeniye, at preschool age increase in SOE.Diagnosis of food allergy is helped by maintaining the food diary.Table .Version of the food diary of the patient with an allergy Not all symptoms can be caused by food allergy.Intolerance products for which there are proofs of the allergic mechanism, is food allergy.FALSE ALLERGY Very often the false allergy which imitates the immunological meets reaction of an organism.

On the buffet

Pick different words with sound S.Speak each resulting proposal, highlighting the sound S.EU whether will be able to name an object that is not on the picture, you get a prize!Sonia is.braid, beads, Klondike, dog sled.The female sits.Jay, owl, wasp, Nightingale, sable.The garden is.pine, bench, Sonia, dog, plum.On the buffet much.napkins, dishes, salads, bowls, sausages.In the bag Sonia.ka Busta, pineapple, compass, tray, socks.Alice buys.juice, ficus, sausage, Yas, pineapple.

Remind the child

Remind the child of a task and control all process, do not stint a praise, support and positive responses.Remind the child of a task, make sure that he started to the next step, and then depart and come back only by the beginning of the following.Remind the child of a task and periodically check it each two steps, then everyone three etc.Remind the child of the beginning, he will report about the performed task to you.Modificationadjustment .If necessary increase encouragement.It can be award or occupation after completion of work or award points for each done step and a choice of an award from the possible options.

Their evidence

On the face of the child, and later and on my feet, back arise swelling.This is the most more early and often a sign of glomerular Rita.Their evidence in children is different moderate swelling on the face to spread United swelling all over my body .In infants they are often located on the lower back and rump.Subsequently becomes noticeable paleness baby, you receive a dull aching pain in the waist nice.And this pain is bilateral.Urine becomes red , brown and even black and brown sweep and acute respiratory viral infections ARI When you need emergency medical care If you notice at least one of these certain symptoms, immediately call a doctor.

When we speak

In an ideal you take basic data, that is estimate current move scientific research institute, and as the first purpose choose little change in the best party.For example, if usually the daughter needs – reminders, to sit down at homework, the reasonable first purpose can become the beginning of work after – reminders.When we speak to estimate the current behavior, we is valid we mean an assessment.In the example given above we mean calculation of number of cases when a certain model meets move niya.Here other examples of an assessment What is the time passes from the moment when the child speaks, that that that will make, till the moment when it actually starts to work for example, Sara agreed to sit down at the house work every evening at o'clock.


We have to respect these first manifestations of the personality is religious, reverentially.Expedient will be only such educational method which will promote to full manifestation of life.And for this purpose it is necessary to try not to detain the spontaneous movements but not to impose any tasks.Certainly, we do not mean bespolez here ny or harmful acts which should be destroyed, suppressed.Assimilation of it method by the teachers who are not trained for scientific supervision it is reached only in the way diligent theoretical and practical training; especially it is necessary for those who got used to old, despotic receptions of ordinary school.


To form cutlets

When giving on a table to water sour cream and to strew with greens.To separate g of veal from bones and films, to pass twice via the meat grinder together with slices of the dry roll wetted in water.To knead forcemeat, to salt.To form cutlets in which middle to put a butter slice, to fry in the heated oil, to readiness to finish in an oven.Veal cutlets have to be very welldone.Ragout from veal It is good to wash, dry g of veal on a towel, to cut the small slices to salt, roll in in a flour or small pounded crackers, to fry in vegetable oil to a ruddy crust.

For example

Such a situation is unacceptable!In the book to such texts are offered no more complex, often incorrectly pronounced by a child sounds.For example We bought a sticky clay.The lion and the young lion sculpts Lina.Sculpts deer Olya, And peacock sculpts Roofing.This text is free from all sounds, following mainly row for sound EH.INR Galernaya practice confirms that, by reciting such texts, baby easier the key detecives on the generated sound, the faster it develops, shall be exempt from additional sory difficulties, not reinforces other, distorted spoken sounds, etc.

The technique

Apply the SW control tion ozocerite and paraffin, long and chronic disease, the recommended by recommendations of the attending physician.The technique of imposition of ozokerite applications .Heat the wax in a pan with water the bath to a temperature of about C, continuous but stirring with a wooden spatula until pre reduction of foaming.To overlay method of gauze napkins prepare two napkins from layers Mar whether or fine knitwear on the size of the plot the alleged overlay applications.

After clarification

Eraser.THE SEVENTH STAGE CONSOLIDATION AUDIO L IN STORIES Consolidation pronunciation audio L in stories Clearly, highlighting the sound L, repeat first, each proposal for adults, and then the whole story entirely.After clarification of the meaning of the text spell all the words with sound L.GOOD ZLATA Zlata was sitting on a bench and ate bread with ham.Went to the homeless Zlata the dog.She looked at the sausage, then to the Golden and whined softly.In the eyes with tanks could see that she has not eaten.

Chapter . Ten principles

My child, This

Kvitko LEML AND MOUSE Comes in like the mother from work, She Leml towards Oh Oh Oh, No you know, Mama, anything you!Mother frightened What's wrong with you?Got a mouse in a saucepan with soup And floats.My child, This time you were not foolish, Caught and threw her?No, guiltily Leml sighed, I have to use the mouse a cat stuffed!L.Kvitko, trans.E.Blagininoy Note the time of formation of the following characteristics Cove and skills user independently eat with a spoon which hand; user drink of that Cup; user buttons undo the buttons Velcro, button; user removes wears socks, lace shoes, save shows the bow; user washes and dries hands with a towel, her hair, brushing his teeth; user undresses dressed, distinguishes between upper and lower the Nuits clothes, person, inside out, before, ass; user eats with a fork, cutting bread with a knife.

Drink from

To make in a teapot of h.spoons of dry raspberry on glass of boiled water to give to be insisted, filter and sweeten with sugar.Drink from a dogrose with a lemon Dogrose tablespoons, sugar tablespoons, lemon juice tablespoon, water glasses.Dogrose to wash, crush, cook minutes, to insist within hours.To add lemon juice, glasses of water, to bring to boiling.To put sugar and to boil.To connect ready syrup to dogrose infusion.Cream cottage cheese with strawberry Cottage cheese g, sugar tablespoons, strawberry glass, vanillin h.

But even if he knows, that

But even if he knows, that wrote the previous work in two hours, this time he is sure that all the same the maximum will keep within an hour because understands about what wants to write, and already thought up the approximate plan.After the next dispute in which parents gave a great lot argumen the t confirming that the son cannot estimate time, and Nathan directly declared to them Do not climb in my affairs!parents decided that it is necessary to look for other solution of a problem.

It is proved

Therefore there is the question of interchangeability of vaccines.It is proved that interchangeably vaccines against diphtheria; tetanus; whooping cough; live and inactivated polio vaccine; various vaccines against hepati tov a and b; the rabies vaccine, administered intramuscularly.Reintroduction live vaccines do not require the mandatory use of the same drug.This applies and to influenza vaccinate RESPONSIBLE FOR VACCINATIONS Legal responsibility for organization of vaccination shall be the head of the medical profilactics whom the institution of the children's polyclinic, i.

It is possible

Here some exercises checked by time, but from them there will be no advantage in the period of the peak of pain.At first make everything, to calm the child then inclinations will go to him to the benefit..Clasp from below calves of both feet of the child and press his feet to a stomach.It is possible to alternate these movements to exercise Bicycle..This best means allowing to remove stress at children, which like to curve a back and badly relax in other pose.Press to to itself the child so that his back rested to you against a breast, and he was bent sitting position.

Mama said

It is important that the child is an impression that he is involved in some adult business!Mom leaves, Hurry to the store Lamela, you Left alone.Mama said I uslugi Wash plates, Sister lay.Wood prick Don't forget, my son, Catch cock Locked in the castle.Sister, plates, Cock and firewood.The only One lemele the head!He grabbed his sister And locked in a shed.He said to his sister Here you go!The firewood he diligently Washed with boiling water, Four plates Smashed with a hammer.L.

Simply on hands

Authors of the separate development also assume that emergence of gripes in the child is connected with autosuggestion of their mother.Some are adjusted on that at their child there will be gripes, and is frequent them and receive.According to some information, mood of mother influences how she looks after the child rather, but is not the prime cause gripes.Simply on hands at nervous mother the child feels uncomfortably.If excitement of parents caused in children of colic, then most it is lawful to assume that firstborns have to have them, and it not so.

Then remove

Tightly sabinaite or fix sarfari .Small children holding a compress hours, senior hours.Then remove the two inner layer and leave the only upperinsulated layer of another hours.ATTENTION!If the compress imposed correctly , its internal the coat is still wet .When loosely tax leaders introduce compress, and when compress paper and wool does not fully cover the moist layer of the compress sa, there is an intensive evaporation, and instead of to warm compress cools the body.Compresses on the ear For a warm compress on the area of the ear in the inner and middle layer compress you cut a hole in the form of an ellipse for ear RA shells are.

This didactic

We apply didactic material to education of chromatic feeling, on which I stopped after a number of experiences with children normal at institute for backward children I, as it is already told, used tabs.This didactic material consists of the small the cards plates or plates wound by color wool or silk.These plates have at the edges wooden brusochka which do not allow the card wound by silk to concern table.The child can take cards by these wooden edges, without soiling gentle flowers with hands, that gives us the chance long to use material, and it it is not necessary often vozobn lyat.

For compress

The end of the tube spray spray install as deeply as possible into the oral cavity with so that the drops fell like on the back of the throat and not accumulated between language and gubami PART I.CHILDHOOD DISEASES .If the enlarged cervical lymph the nodes on the neck apply warming compresses or dry heat.For compress use was the solution alcohol in half with water.For children under years of alcohol dilute with water in times.Compress put for hours times a day.PREPARATION COMPRESS Poultice made of four layers of gauze , soft cloth or bandage, each layer should be square greater than the previous one.

All these

Task we learn, with what number of sticks it is possible to play this game?It is possible to take and ; or and ; for example In this point we are come to the rescue by cubes from game on storing of numbers From this scheme at once it is visible, what numbers share on two all for what below is not available lonely cube.All these even or pair numbers because they can be spread out in couples on two; to divide them into two it is easy it is only necessary to separate two rows of the cubes costing one under another.Having counted cubes of each row, we will receive private and again to make the initial number, it is necessary to collect two rows only again x =.

He understood

, Cory could to increase the efficiency.He understood that when receives from others council to be more attentive or accurater, it should adhere the plan for performance of a task or work.Step .Establishment of the behavioural purposes Target organizational skill metaknowledge Specific behavioural goal performing separate tasks, Cory will be oyets to nivat the efficiency according to the standard developed directly for this task and to try to correspond to it Step .Change of an environment What subjects people will help to achieve the objectives?

Show it the scenario

When the child learns to use words, answer him, under tverzhdy its feelings for example I see that you are upset.Has to to be, you are dissatisfied that could not play with the friend.Similar statements will show it that you understand it also to a sochuvstvo etet to it.In advance explain to the child that happens when there is that that the unpleasant.Show it the scenario of how it is possible to consult with a situation.You can tell When you will want to cry, you you can tell I become angry, To me is sad, I need the help or I need a break.

By means of the questionnaire

It will help to prepare them for school and to participation in outofschool actions.By means of the questionnaire given below you will be able to estimate, where your child can stumble, independently carrying out sootvt stvuyushchy to its age of a task.Remember questionnaires from chapter and about trust, how precisely you estimated ability of your child ispol to zovat this skill.Chapter .Beginning of performance of a task How successfully your child copes with that, to get to work?By means of a scale estimate, how successfully your child carries out everyone from the listed tasks.


exacerbation of chronic diseases of the heart, lay down lungs, kidneys, liver.Contraindications side of the child low assessment of the status of the newborn by the Cabinet Les Apgar below points; Apgar special scale that allows assessment thread status of the newborn child on a number of parameters pulse, breathing, color to MS etc.If the evaluation on Apgar low, so the child suffered a hard Rodi and needs for relics from the doctor.Then maybe he Boo det ready to take the breast.Normal indicators on Apgar maximum of points.


And the child, and an adult will be easier to control the correct the job.Securing the pronunciation of sound in the beginning and in the middle of words.The formation of skills of a sound analysis Take from Annex schemes, indicating the position of the sound in the word.Demoralize all pictures of Annexes and speak the words, highlighting the sound .Then put each the picture under a corresponding scheme and explain your choice.Securing the pronunciation of sound in the chain of words.

Such cases, when

e.from its positive or negative emotional background.Such cases, when in a family meet or the immediate environment of the pregnant woman or the lactating woman it is observed the extremely negative attitude towards her, her child or the natural chest to feeding as to the fact in general, and it can serve as the starting mechanism in decrease in volume of the developed milk, up to complete cessation lactations.In order to avoid similar cases it is necessary to explain to the next to environment of the pregnant woman or the feeding woman about need to create it the most favorable situation.

Explain that

Let pupsiki and Severus Ki included in the garage, get in the car, and off.Mo may all go to the country.Back SNO VA put the cars in the garage.Game develops fine motor skills, imagination, memory.Easy heavy Blow up a balloon and show the child how he flies.Explain that the ball bounces from light blow hand because it is light, In other marble, pour the water.Now it heavy and cannot fly.It's hard to throw.The game expands the horizons provides a glimpse at natech light and heavy.

Or prisuzh

Remind the child of a task and periodically check it each two steps, then everyone three etc.Remind the child of the beginning, he will report about the performed task to you.Modificationadjustment .If necessary add an award for performance of a task in time or at the minimum quantity of reminders.Or prisuzh give to the child point for each step executed with the minimum quantity of reminders discuss this minimum.Put the timer or let it will be put by the child at the beginning each step also give to the child a task to execute everything before the call will ring out.


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